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The Story of Snoboy's Success
The journey of one of North America’s most recognizable brands can be traced back more than 100 years to the humble beginnings of a man with a dream. George Youell’s vision and drive to make a better life for his family by selling fruit from a horse-drawn cart would be the start of a successful company which would eventually introduce Snoboy throughout the continent. From the very beginning in 1890, the continuing popularity of Snoboy is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing the very best fresh fruit and vegetables to customers.
The Snoboy Timeline

Snoboy’s origins begin with George Youell’s American Dream when he starts selling fruit from a horse-drawn cart in Tacoma, Wash.

Youell’s company has grown to become known as the Pacific Fruit & Produce company with thriving business relationships stretching to Washington’s fertile Yakima Valley.

Pacific Fruit and Produce Co
Pacific Fruit and Produce Co

Recognizing the superior quality of Washington-grown apples, the company packs them under a new label — Snoboy.

The company joins with Ryan Fruit Corp. of Spokane, Wash., and buys Gamble-Robinson a year later. Gamble-Robinson includes various retail and foodservice outlets. The company is renamed Pacific Gamble Robinson and will eventually become the largest distributor of produce in North America adding to Snoboy’s exposure as a favorite brand to Americans and Canadians.

Gamble Robinson 1920
Gamble Robinson employees

Harvey Miller takes a chance in the middle of World War II to realize his American Dream by starting the Miller Produce Company in Seattle.

Late 1950’s
Several management members from food product distributor Nalley’s Foods strike out on their own to form United Cascade Foods, a new foodservice and wholesale distributor in Tacoma.

Pacific Fruit and Produce Co Tomato Repacker
Pacific Fruit and Produce Co tomato repackers

Miller Produce is purchased by Thomas J. Stewart with Stevedoring Services of America, a leading stevedoring company on the west coast.

Stewart buys United Cascade Foods and forms Miller Cascade Foods.

Pacific Gamble Robinson annual sales reach $800 million with produce still accounting for 65
percent of the total. The Snoboy label has grown to include an entire line of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Pacific Gamble Robinson attempts to purchase Miller Cascade. In a twist, the smaller Miller Cascade successfully purchases giant Pacific Gamble Robinson. Stewart renames the company Food Services of America.

Stewart rebuilds PGR’s produce marketing and shipping division and forms Amerifresh.

Stevedoring Services of America splits off Services Group of America, which retains Amerifresh.

Services Group of America moves Amerifresh and its corporate headquarters from Seattle to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Snoboy celebrates 88 years as one of the nation’s leading and most memorable fresh fruit and produce brands.


Snoboy launches back into the retail marketplace.

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